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The other day while surfing for some material to read for my final exams, i came across a link “15 Unfair Stereotypes and Gender Roles We Wish Didn’t Exist”. It intrigued me so I opened it in a new tab while I went about finding my material.After I was done with my ‘material-hunting’ I went to the next tab to check the article. As I went through I recalled that there do exist these weird old-time notions about women and men and their capabilities and assumed “duties”. It included both women and men. After all there are stereotypes for all categories!


I myself have thought about this many times. When in a group or randomly talking with friends topics would come up and we would find ourselves differing on these topics. Some would still hold those old and beaten down “theories” and slap them on our face with a “That’s what should be done.” or a “That’s what you should do, being a girl.” or even something as lame as “That is what is expected.” Seriously? Was I born a girl to conform to these stupid and baseless arguments? And who is this person/social animal who expects these of me? I am glad I have parents who treat me well, love me, respect my wishes, listen to me, are there for me, and most importantly treat me as an equal to my brother. There might things which may not be relevant in that article but broadly looking, I found a lot of it to be true.

The question, however, is that what is it about people that they want us to conform? We are in the 21st century and women and men are treated equally, or so it is said. Forgetting the crisis, political and social, going around lets ask some questions. Why should there be gender roles? Why should a man not be allowed to wash dishes when he has a wife? Why should women need help lifting heavy things all the time? A three kg bag is not heavy at all. Just keep changing your hands and its okay. Then there are these other notions like women can’t drive well or men shouldn’t cry. Someone tell me please why a man can not cry? If a person has emotions they should be allowed to let them flow. I feel that if there is a man who can not cry he might be a robot. Emotions express the warmth of your heart not weakness. Guys don’t have to be all macho-ey all the time. Another common thing is that girls lie about their weight, etc. Not always! And even if they do please try finding out why she did that. An overweight girl might do that to save herself the mocking. She is not perfect but the people want her to be so. The question remains. Why? This further is associated to their sense of driving. Teach them well without the pre-concieved notion of them as incapable beings. They just might prove to be better. Which bring me to this next point. We say men and women are equal. Then why is it that if the wife earns more the husband is jealous? This doesn’t mean she needs you less. She still needs you all the same.

Just think about it and you might recall other many such notions. It is true that to be able to change the society we must bring a change in our thoughts first. But do these things allow us to? Media and Entertainment also largely form our thought process. They too should make note to bring up things that bring a healthier atmosphere to live in. Yes I have a lot of questions to ask the Entertainment Industry. But they are for another blog at a later time.

And here’s the link that got me talking. Take a look and a read if you feel.

And another related one that might, well, just intrigue you.

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Thank you for going through this.

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  1. Hmmmm interesting topic. I really appreciate the points you have mentioned above! There are endless times I’ve had such discussions with girls around me.
    I’d like to say one thing. I appreciate your viewpoint..but frankly tell me… how many girls do you find out there who, in reality demand such Equality!
    I can quote n number of examples wherein girls will wanna use their ‘femininity’ to get through easily. Seats in the metro for example! I understand there are seats reserved for ladies..but young chilling out girls..when someone needy/ tired is already sitting there.. whats the need to ask him to get up from the seat?

    Take any example..its not as if the guys completely like promoting these stereotypes yar. The day every girl stands up against these…it’ll be the last for all the stereo.s and what not! But we really need everyone to get out of that comfort mode.

    Completely agree that these stereotypes are completely ridiculous, but then how many of us take a step against them?

    Lets take a vow to make this change happen, the very next time we see any such thing happen!

  2. I agree with you and am not typecasting guys that they are the ones doing it. I have talked about people in general, and that includes girls or the elderly women. It is true in many cases that the elderly females put such stuff in the heads.
    I too am against girls using their “I am a woman. Give me that seat!” tag. Its only when another girl will retort will such girls stop. And sure everyone needs to wake up. 🙂 Full support!

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